Lighting Up London

We are on a mission to help as many children as we can and not only light up London with tower 42’s device appeal lights, but also bringing hope to light to some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children who are unable to get the education they deserve at the moment.

Vision teaching launched an appeal on January 6th 2021 in response to alarming rate of disadvantaged children that are unable to learn at home because they have no access to a laptop, PC, kindle, iPad or any other device. So far we have helped over 45 schools, donated over £25,000 worth of devices to schools and pupils and raised over £2650 to deliver the scheme.

We want the younger generations to adapt to the circumstances of COVID and to see change as an ally and not an enemy to their future. We want to help them embrace that change and find the best way out of these difficult times. Disadvantaged students have been let down by a failing system that provides them with little hope right now.

The DfE have confirmed in an online meeting that all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils are not entitled to any government help. This is a crucial age for learning to read and write. They also confirmed that no school was consulted on the amount of devices they need and were allocated on what the DfE thought. This meant there was a shortfall of up to 250,000 devices in London - affecting around 350,000 children.

We can’t stay fixed in our ways and say it’s not our responsibility. It’s everyone’s responsibility to help bring our communities together regardless of how rich or poor people are. We believe in a society where everyone is given equal opportunities. How is having no access to technology for almost a year helping students learn? We need to enhance individual development of children and ensure they all have access to an online device to learn at home.

Now is the time to re-connect our communities. To come together and believe that we can all have a better future than the events we find ourselves in today. Find unity in helping children to succeed not fail, to flourish in chaos and not be so behind that pupils never catch up and eventually give up.

Let’s rise up together and show our compassion for a better future for every child!

Vision Teaching is committed to helping as many pupils to get online and to continue their education. Every child needs an education, which is why with your help you can make a difference. At times like this we need to be grateful for our staff at schools and the amazing work they do but not even they can teach a child with a device to learn on!

The device appeal will get old working devices cleaned up and shipped out to children to enable them to start learning at home or will purchase new online devices with donations.

This is how you can help us light up London!

Donate a device - We are running a spare device recycling scheme to allow people to donate devices to schools and their pupils. If you have any laptops, iPad or kindles in working order that you no longer need that can be donated to help children, please contact us. We will clean up and deliver the device to provide to schools with laptops, iPad or other devices for their pupils to continue their education.

Donate via our go fund me page - If you don’t have any old laptop but would like to help please donate via our page

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Please mention this campaign to your friends, family and colleagues and bring awareness to our campaign

Thank you and stay safe!

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