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We believe that everyone should have the right tools to make a difference in the classroom to help raise the attainment of children all over London. Not only will we work hard to find you your right school, we also want to help you improve your chances of finding the right role.

Working with a great recruitment company will give you the best possible chance of success:

  • We believe we are only as good as our team, so we employ former teachers and TA’s, so that they’re on hand for advice, help and guidance
  • On average our members of staff have 6 years’ education recruitment experience
  • We provide free CPD training to give you all the help you need to perform in the classroom
  • We can provide you with support and development opportunities to up skill and grow throughout your career
  • We can provide you with work in a range of contexts, which can help you decide whether a school's values and ethos are right for you
  • We provide a pool of resources from interview guides, successful supply teaching, behaviour management to classroom tips and tricks
  • You can drop in and see us at our offices for additional face-to-face support and help
  • We value the skills you have and will be actively promoting you to the type of schools you want to work in, based on your skills and interests


Supply work can be a great thing to do if you’re getting back into education, you’re between teaching jobs, or you just want that bit of freedom with your working hours.

Early morning starts, a lack of prep time and a new classroom environment does mean it can come with its headaches and at times can feel like it’s a bit too much. That’s why we created our ‘Successful Supply Teacher’ guide, drawing on experience of our qualified teachers and support staff to help you survive and thrive on supply!

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Classroom Management

This booklet has been written by former teachers, for current teachers. We wanted to provide you with a useful resource that wasn't made available to us when we were in our heyday. Something you can turn to before you begin your journey, or just a handy reference in times of doubt.

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We will work hard to get to know you, the types of the school you want to work in and your ideal role. As a result, we hope to provide you with interviews with a school that wants to get to know more about you.

An interview is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you have the knowledge, skills and experience to become a valuable member of staff in school.

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Refer A Friend

We love making new friends. Refer your friends to us, and you’ll get £150 once they work 10 days. That’s a bang-up dinner right there, maybe even a round-trip flight if you play your cards right!

In a recent survey to all the people that had worked with us over the last academic year over 91% said they would be happy to recommend us!

64% of new people that work with us are referred by their friends

But don’t trust our word…. trust the word of the people that work with us and read our google reviews……

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